There are few more important people in the world of dating than a wingman. This is the buddy that will help close the deal when the two of you are out on the town. He knows his importance and takes his duties seriously. He is there to help you impress the lady and bring her home tonight. Finding the perfect wingman is not always easy. They must know exactly what they are doing and be able to act on a moment's notice. If they cannot fulfill their function, the evening may be a waste of time.

Choosing a great wingman is very important. He must look and act confident, but knows his work is to make you shine. Always knowing the right comment at the right time is an ingrained part of his personality. He sees when he is needed, approaches and says just the right words whenever necessary. Once his work is done, he wanders off inconspicuously. He bolsters you in the jungle of a club or social situation.

An excellent wingman is dedicated to achieving the goal. He is helping rather than overshadowing you. If your wingman ends up with the woman you choose for yourself, it is time to find someone else. Being a wingman is a supporting role, not a lead. He may find his own date for the evening while helping you. This marks him as an outstanding wingman. He is discreet, funny and knowledgeable. He can read a situation from across the room. Nothing stops him in his role of friendly assistance.

There are some people born to be great wingmen. They have the perfect anecdote that makes you look good. Their discretion is never in question, and they are adroit when offering their assistance. Helping a friend is the motivation any good wingman. With a friend like this, success is only a few hours away.